Family Chiropractic Center utilizes Foot Leveler orthotics to address the over pronation of feet and how this affects the balance of the spinal column, Knees, and hips.

Your posture is unique for your needs

Your postural condition is as unique to you as your fingerprint. That’s why Stabilizing Orthotics are individually designed for you based on your scan and lifestyle. Height, weight, shoe style, and daily activity level are factors that are applied to making your Stabilizing Orthotics.


Your feet don’t have to hurt for them to be causing pain everywhere else in your body. Feet are just the starting point for pain throughout your body. Stabilizing Orthotics are positioned under your feet, so they can provide you with a balanced and solid foundation. When you don’t have a balanced foundation it causes postural stress and pain in different parts of your body. How strong is your foundation?


Stabilizing Orthotics were made by a chiropractor to treat the body as a functional unit and give you the support you need. They support the 26 bones and over 100 muscles in each of your feet to protect your foundation. You can maintain your feet’s 3-arched structure to balance the entire body with orthotics.

Your 3-arched structure optimizes your body by: • Giving strength to support the weight of the entire body • Permitting sufficient flexibility to accommodate changes in terrain • Providing momentum for movement

Feel the difference:
Most orthotic companies only support one arch. When only one arch is being supported the problem shifts to another part of your body. The difference for your body can be found in Stabilizing Orthotics supporting your 3-arched structure. The structural support for the entire body’s equilibrium is gained from your feet. Combining chiropractic care with orthotics can provide long-term care for your life in balance

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